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photo of statue of the thinker We are Massachusetts residents with disabilities who oppose the legalization of assisted suicide, and any support for the death of disabled people. We organized in 2012 to help defeat Massachusetts assisted suicide referendum Question 2, and have continued the fight against assisted suicide throughout New England.


Bipartisan Committee Vote Sinks Bill 8-5

Great news out of Colorado, where after 11 hours of testimony on Friday,the Public Health Committee rejected the assisted suicide bill.

Anita Cameron is quoted:

"Doctors often make mistakes on whether someone is terminal or not," she said, adding that her mother was told six years ago that she had just six months to live.

Anita, Carrie Ann Lucas, and everyone at Not Dead Yet Colorado issued a statement in the Colorado Independent against assisted suicide that is irrefutable.

In judging that an assisted suicide request is rational, essentially, doctors are concluding that a person’s physical disabilities and dependence on others for everyday needs are sufficient grounds to treat them completely differently than they would treat a physically able-bodied suicidal person.

In New Jersey, no vote took place on February 5, meaning that the votes are still not there for Senate President Steve Sweeney to get his way.

Let's contact senators who may be persuadable to vote against the bill. A few are leaning our way, let's try to bring them all to our side!

Please send a short email using one of our talking points (listed below) important to you. Here are the key Democratic and Republican senators to contact:


Joseph Vitale – Public Health Committee Chair said he would vote no on the floor but released the bill from committee; has recently indicated he may vote yes.   

Robert Gordon – Majority Conference Leader, said would vote no on the floor, but voted yes to release it.

Loretta Weinberg – Majority Leader, testified that the bill should wait.

Senator Barnes is a certain NO vote but he should receive emails etc to encourage him to speak up in the democratic caucus.    

Nia Gill – President Pro Tempore
James Beach – Assistant Majority Leader
Linda Greenstein – Assistant Majority Leader .
M. Teresa Ruiz – Assistant Majority Leader
Paul Sarlo – Deputy Majority Leader
Sandra Cunningham – majority whip
Senator Van Drew, Nilsa Cruz Perez, Nellie Pou, Nicholas Sacco, Bob Smith, and Brian Stack


Kip Bateman,
Joe Kyrillos,
Diane Allen,
Jen Beck,
Dawn Addiego (voted yes for the bill in committee),
Kevin O'Toole, and
James Holzapfel


If this bill passes, some people’s lives will be ended without their consent, through mistakes and abuse. No safeguards have ever been enacted or proposed that can prevent this outcome, which can never be undone. – Marilyn Golden

For a comprehensive guide on presenting the disability rights argument against assisted suicide for progressives, please read and download the Legislative Primer.

For the latest reporting on our efforts against assisted suicide, visit the Not Dead Yet webpage section "In the News"

More frequent updates at Not Dead Yet and the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)

On Twitter, please follow the national grassroots group Not Dead Yet,the broad New Jersey coalition of disability rights, healthcare, civil rights, and faith-based groups the New Jersey Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide, New Jersey disability rights leader Norman A. Smith, and the nationally-active Second Thoughts Connecticut and Second Thoughts Massachusetts     

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