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photo of statue of the thinker We are Massachusetts residents with disabilities who oppose the legalization of assisted suicide.   In November, 2012, we helped defeat Question 2 on the state ballot. Likewise, advocates defeated a legislative attempt to legalize assisted suicide in the spring of 2014. Second Thoughts Massachusetts continues to be active in the Northeast region.
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UK Bill to Committee, Fight Goes on!

Detailed Analysis of Bill in the Fall

As expected, the House of Lords referred the assisted suicide bill HL 6 to the "Committee Stage," where it will be analyzed line by line. While Not Dead Yet UK worked with allies to to create a huge demonstration at Parliament, John Kelly sent an open letter to the House of Lords outlining the disability rights opposition to assisted suicide. Not Dead Yet USA issued an accompanying press release describing our advocacy efforts. Not Dead USA Press Release



Second Thoughts to testify against H 1998

Press Release.

Second Thoughts director John Kelly said "This dangerous bill enables a doctor to misdiagnose you as terminal, decide that your depression doesn’t impair your judgment, and give you a prescription on the same day."

Bumper Sticker No on 2 it's too dangerous, Yes on 3 the right medicine


Letters to the editor are especially important now. Here are the e-mail addresses for some major newspapers in Massachusetts. the editor must include the writer's name, address and telephone number in order to be considered for publication. Letters should be brief."
Bumper Sticker No on 2 it's too dangerous, Yes on 3 the right medicine

Second Thoughts / Question 2 in the news

suicide prevention.
  • Extensive coverage on Boston Public Radio Station WBUR:
-- All Things Considered
-- John Kelly versus Marcia Angell I on Radio Boston
-- John versus Marcia Angell, II on Morning Edition with Bob Oakes
-- Personal Side of the Story

For more reporting on Question 2 and Second Thoughts, visit our IN THE NEWS page.

For more Second Thoughts about the legalization of assisted suicide, see Food for Thought page.

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