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About Second Thoughts

In November of 2011, Massachusetts disability activists and organizations came together to oppose a referendum question that would legalize assisted suicide, to appear on the 2012 ballot. A steering committee of disabled people from across Massachusetts, with support from Not Dead Yet and the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, began to educate and organize the Massachusetts disability community to respond to this dangerous initiative. The group chose the name "Second Thoughts" because while assisted suicide may seem like a good idea at first, second thoughts show that instead of offering individual choice, assisted suicide is a discriminatory and dangerous practice.

The media often show the debate on assisted suicide as between conservative "right to life" and religious groups on one side, and "liberals" who support individual choice on the other. Second Thoughts asks voters to look at assisted suicide in the real world:

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Steering Committee

Diane Coleman
Eileen Feldman
Marilyn Golden
Amy Hasbrouck
Dennis Heaphy
Steve Higgins
Denise Karuth
John Kelly (Director)
Michael Muehe
Karen Schneiderman
Paul Spooner
John Winske


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