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Submitted by Amy Hasbrouck

People often say we should allow humans to have the same privilege of euthanasia as we allow our pets.

Dick Sobsey, professor emeritus at the University of Alberta and founder of the International Coalition on Abuse and Disability wrote in an essay some time ago about the real reasons pets are euthanized. It says a lot about the real reasons that people are clamoring for assisted suicide.

"If society permits euthanizing other animals, why not humans? Good question,

To answer it we need to understand more about the euthanasia of companion animals. Here are the reasons dogs and cats are euthanized:

In summary, a small number of dogs and cats are euthanized because they have terminal illnesses or injuries with poor prospects of successful treatment. A vastly, larger percentage of the 10,000,000 animals killed in the US each year, die because they are simply unwanted or not considered worth saving. So the next time some one asks “why can’t grandma die like a dog,” think about what that really means."

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