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Dear Governor Brown,

I am writing from Manchester (England, Europe), in support of sick and disabled people in California, to ask you to support this fight for our lives.

I want to ask you to please veto the assisted suicide bill AB2x 15 . It puts sick / disabled Californians at risk and encourages the creep of assisted suicide across the USA and all over the world.

Here in the UK we have been looking not only to our European neighbours, but also to the USA to see how assisted suicide laws have been turning out.

Our suggested law here was based on the law in Oregon. It would have allowed the doctors who usually protect us disabled and sick people's lives to prescribe lethal drugs for people to take at home.

In Oregon people are choosing to kill themselves out of fear of suffering, sometimes they are refused treatment.

We think that when we are suffering, we need better help. We have fought against the Bill and our members of Parliament listened to our fears and the likely consequences.

We have just defeated the assisted suicide Bill in England and Wales because hundreds of sick and disabled people wrote to members of Parliament to explain what their lives are like and how this so-called 'choice' would affect them.

Please do not bring in a law about us, just because it would give peace of mind to people who do not live lives like ours. Please put our majotity-opposed voices first when considering legislating about our lives, and creating a two teir system of legal protection for people in California.

Dennis Queen
activist in UK disabled people's movement.

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