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Image Descriptions of Rotating Slides added to YouTube video of Carrie Ann Lucas interviewed on the Joy Cardin Show.

Does A Disabled Child Have The Right To Die?
The Joy Cardin Show
with lawyer Carrie Ann Lucas, executive director of Disabled Parents Rights
Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 6:00am
Wisconsin Public Radio

14-year-old Jerika Bolen had spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type II.
Last summer, she announced her plan to die because of terrible physical pain.
Pain is not typical for people with SMA. People questioned her medical care.
Disabled lawyer Carrie Ann Lucas led effort to get Wisconsin to intervene.
Media cheered for Jerika’s death and attacked disability rights efforts.
Jerika died 18 days after entering hospice in September 2016.

Photos of Carrie Ann Lucas and Joy Cardin next to each other, with text “Carrie Ann Lucas interviewed by Joy Cardin.”

[During the radio interview, a set of photos and images rotate and then repeat. Descriptions of the images follow.]

1.     Jerika Bolen, a 14-year-old black girl wearing black glasses and a blue and white floral strapless dress, reclining in bed holding her Chihuahua Jujube in her lap. Jerika is smiling broadly.

2.     Logos of Disabled Parents Rights and Not Dead Yet. The phrase “Disabled Parents Rights” is written below large purple hands spread to hold two brown adult figures (parents) standing behind a smaller black figure (child) with a large red heart on its chest. Not Dead Yet is written in a black Gothic script. The “O” in “NOT” is the international wheelchair symbol.

3.     Pen and ink cartoon by Amy Hasbrouck, showing long-haired power wheelchair user on a sidewalk at the corner of a building. They look left to a sign reading “Suicide Prevention Services,” but the door is at the top of a flight of stairs. Directly in front of the wheelchair is a ramp to an accessible entrance, but its sign reads “Assisted Suicide.” (Nondisabled people receive suicide prevention services, disabled people are encouraged to die.)

4.     Jerika outside in a grass yard. Her white friend Mackenzie Falck sits on her foot rest happily holding her leg looking up at a smiling Jerika, while Haley Paradiso and Hannah Gove stand by. Jerika is is wearing sweatpants with multicolored hearts and a long-sleeved blue and gray T-shirt. On her right arm is a ball made of glow sticks. Jerika sits in in a late-model Permobil F3 power wheelchair with green highlights.

5.     Jerika lying at a slight angle head-to-head on a bed with Mackenzie Falck, both smiling at the camera.

6.     Jerika out of her wheelchair on beach sand, which covers her lap. She leans against a back support while smiling and playing with plastic shovels and implements. She is wearing a zebra print two-piece “tankini,” and her long natural hair is pulled into a ponytail.

7.     German Parodi, a Latino with shoulder length curly hair, wears a fuchsia “Not Dead Yet” T-shirt, in his manual wheelchair. Behind him is Matthew Clark, a bearded white man with shoulder length brown hair, in a green T-shirt, also in a manual wheelchair. The word “LOVE” is visible with the international wheelchair symbol replacing the “O”. He holds a sign reading “EQUAL RIGHTS = EQUAL SUICIDE PREVENTION.” They are protesting the movie “Me Before You,” on a sidewalk outside a movie theater along a busy road, summer of 2016

8.     Jerika at her pre-suicide prom. Her hair is braided, and she wears a sleeveless sea green dress with a decorative band across her middle. She wears silver lipstick and is smiling at what she sees on the party floor.

9.     A younger Jerika on a wooden bridge across a river in a wilderness area. She wears a green shirt, her lap covered by blue and pink blankets, and a blue down vast behind her back. Behind her, a tall, bearded white man stands grinning, as he turns her head towards the camera. A pink metallic hand-knitted cap and a nutrition bag hang from her backrest.

10.     Not Dead Yet protesters bunched on a sidewalk with signs reading “Better off Dead? NOT!” around a clip art image of a character wearing aviator glasses, a scarf, a lap blanket, and wheelchair wheels in motion, and “WORLD’S Cheapest Health Care” around a clip art image of a bottle with skull and cross bones. From the Not Dead Yet protest of the meeting of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies, Chicago, September 2014.

11.     Jerika outside in a wilderness scene, in her wheelchair with pulled back fuchsia-colored hair, sunglasses, in a white sundress. Her mother stands next to her, with shoulder length brown hair, heart-shaped sunglasses, wearing a gray ruffled dress.

12.     Close-up of Jerika without glasses, wearing red lipstick, a nose ring, and elaborate cat’s-eye style eye makeup.

13.     Jerika in her prom dress, smiling broadly, with blue hair and a bright white body paint design on her left upper arm with the words “PROM QUEEN" at the ends of a floral design.

Images then start repeating with #2.

Final images are of Carrie Ann Lucas and the logo for Disabled Parents Rights.

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