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Upcoming events

Second Thoughts is out and about. We need your help to hand out flyers and talk to the public about the disability opposition to assisted suicide at upcoming events. For more information, email Amy Hasbrouck.
  • * October 3, 2012, 2-4 p.m., at the Boston Public Library, the Boston Center for Independent LIving will host a forum on Question 2 featuring Diane Coleman, Founder and CEO of Not Dead Yet. For more information contact Karen Schneiderman at BCIL at 617-338-6665.

If you can come to any of these events, please contact John Kelly at 617-250-8198

John Kelly and Mayor Thomas Menino at City Hall on July 26, 2012

July 26th declared John B. Kelly Day in Boston Not only was July 26th the 22nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it was also declared John B. Kelly Day in recognition of his hard work on accessibility in Boston over the last 15 years. Neighborhood Network News covered the event.

from left to right, Lena Dorch, Ruth Ricker, Dennis Heaphy, John Winske, Laura Brelsford, Michael Muehe, Jessie Lee, and Scott Ricker
Kate Thurman holds the microphone for Dennis Heaphy, with Ruth Ricker and John Winske looking on.
Matlyn Starks, Andrew De Carlo, and Santiago Cárdenas
front: Jessie Lee and John Kelly. Middle: interpreter Lisa Bing, Andrew De Carlo, and Emily Titon with her arm around Lydia Brown.

At the March 6 hearing of the Massachusetts legislature's joint Judiciary Committee, Second Thoughts fielded three panels of speakers against H. 3884 - the "Death with Dignity" Act. See the testimony and photos on our Testimony page. Channel 22 Springfield has video and story here at their website
The hearing room was full.
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