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Kelly v. Angell

John Kelly debates Marcia Angell on WBUR's Morning Edition on September 24th.

Both sides now

A good (balanced) article about question 2 appeared on September 21 on the website of the Sharon Patch.

Take it away, Hockenberry

John Hockenberry, host of the public radio program The Takeaway, discussed assisted suicide on the Thursday, September 20 edition of the show. During the segment, Hockenberry, who is a part-time resident of Massachusetts, declared his opposition to Question 2.

Summing it all up

Check out this youtube video of John Kelly talking about some of the problems with Question 2.

Second Thoughts in The Stream

On September 4, Second Thoughts steering committee member Amy Hasbrouck participated in an online program from Al Jazeera English service called The Stream.

John Kelly interviewed in The Pilot

"Disabilities Group Has Second Thoughts On Assisted Suicide" appeared on August 31, 2012, and is an excellent summary of the disability rights arguments against assisted suicide.

Second Thoughts on CNN

Director John Kelly was interviewed about the case of Tony Nicklinson, an English man with mobility and communication problems, who asked a court for assisted suicide. On August 16 his request was denied. On July 6 , John debated Rosalie Guttman of the Final Exit Network about the Nicklinson case.
Then on August 16 , John responded to Ted Goodwin, founder of the Final Exit Network.

Second Thoughts interviews

Second Thoughts director John Kelly has done many media appearances to talk about the disability rights opposition to assisted suicide. He was on the
Boston Disability Commission's cable program,

Second Thoughts' Work Against Assisted Suicide Featured in Wall Street Journal!

Right-to-Die Advocate Ends His Life By Stephen Miller, WSJ March 13, 2012

Peter Goodwin, a family physician who wrote and campaigned for Oregon's right-to-die law in the 1990s, died Sunday after taking a cocktail of lethal drugs prescribed by his doctor, as allowed under the legislation he championed. ...

John Kelly, director of Second Thoughts, a Massachusetts-based organization of disability activists who oppose the assisted-suicide ballot petition, said assisted suicide brings up big problems. Dr. Goodwin "created a monster," Mr. Kelly said. "Assisted suicide is a deadly mix with the profit-driven health-care system. There are so many problems with assisted suicide. These bills sound good in some kind of a perfect-knowledge fantasy universe, but when we get down to real life they become a disaster."

Mr. Kelly said Oregon's assisted-suicide law provides "no safeguards against misdiagnosis, against elder abuse, against physician misconduct. This is a law that singles out one group of people who are old and disabled."

...Read the entire article at the Wall Street Journal website .

State Judicial Committee Hearing on H. 3884 (March 6, 2012)

NPR Interview with John Kelly - January 20, 2012

MP3 Audio Player

Boston Neighborhood Network News Interview with John Kelly

State House News Conference - December 8, 2011

MA Medical Society Opposes Physician Assisted Suicide

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