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The Oregon Death with Dignity Act (ODDA) started in 1997, and is often cited as a law without problems. Oregon has kept statistics about the people who dies using physician assisted suicide for every year since the law was passed. Annual Reports on the Oregon Death With Dignity Act are available for anyone to see.
“Some people may ask why disabled people are speaking out about problems with a proposal that’s supposed to be about terminal illness,” said Kelly, “but when you look at the reasons Oregon reports for giving lethal prescriptions, it’s mainly about the social and emotional issues of becoming disabled, like depending on others and feeling like a burden.”

What's Happening in Oregon?

In 2010, Dr. David Jeffrey and Madeleine Teahy of Living and Dying Well (UK) studied reports (see Annual Reports above) from 1998 - 2009 by the Oregon Public Health Division. They detailed their concerns based on this data in What's Happening in Oregon?
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