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If you believe the media, the assisted suicide debate in Massachusetts is between “liberals” on one side, and right-to-life and religious activists on the other. Neither of these groups understands the social, financial or discrimination pressures that make the “death with dignity” bill dangerous for people with disabilities.

Second Thoughts needs your help to make the voice of people with disabilities heard!

What you can do:

What you can do for Second Thoughts

With five minutes

•     Stick it up! – Post a Second Thoughts flyer on a bulletin board at work, a grocery store, a laundromat, a community center, a church, a bus stop, or anywhere you happen to be.
•     Pass the word – Follow us on Twitter @secondthoughtMA, Like our Facebook page.
•     Tell a friend – Tell one person this is an issue you care about, and send them to Second Thoughts’ website, at Second Thoughts
•     Make it yourself – Instead of buying coffee, make it yourself at home, and donate the money you would have spent to Second Thoughts.

With fifteen minutes

•     Give the gift of gab – Start a conversation with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about Second Thoughts and why you oppose assisted suicide. You don’t need complicated arguments to share your opinion.
•     Visit – the Second Thoughts web site ( and forward a link to someone you know.
•     Comment – If you see an article in the newspaper or online about assisted suicide or the “Death with Dignity” ballot question, call the newspaper or post a comment.

With one hour

•     Tell your story – Make a video talking about your experience with medical, social and financial discrimination as a disabled person. Have you ever been pressured to sign a DNR? Did you outlive the doctors’ predictions? Massachusetts voters need to know the truth, YOUR truth.
•     Help someone else tell their story.
•     Show us a sign – Make and post a sign in your window or yard showing your opposition to the “death with dignity” ballot question.

With three hours

•     Write an article or a letter to the newspaper – Local newspapers always want to hear from local citizens. Your story is unique and deserves to be heard and read. If you need help to tell your story, leave your name and contact details, and we’ll get in touch.
•     Come to an event – between now and November, Second Thoughts will hold and appear at public events to show the public that many disabled people are not dead yet, and deserve to be heard. Come out to one of these events and be counted!
•     Lend a hand – Help out at a Second Thoughts presentation with set up, running equipment, taking notes, collecting names and other important jobs.
•     Hand out leaflets – Second Thoughts will be organizing meetings to give out leaflets at grocery stores, farmers markets and at political events. Join us!
•     Make phone calls – We need to contact people and groups throughout Massachusetts to ask for their support. We need help making those phone calls.
•     Provide transportation – With or without a wheelchair-accessible van, you can help the Second Thoughts team get from here to there.

With a few hours each week

•     Join the speakers’ team – Second Thoughts needs people with disabilities who are willing to help do presentations to groups and speak to the press about why we oppose the ballot question. We will provide training to help you prepare to make a presentation, answer questions and talk to reporters.
•     Push some paper – Help the Second Thoughts team with administrative tasks.
•     Organize a project – Second Thoughts needs organizers to handle events and projects, like:
•     making YouTube videos and other publicity materials
•     recruiting and supervising volunteers
•     leafleting
•     Community meetings
•     …and other activities.

… And you can always

•     Learn about the issue – There are many great places on our web site to learn about why so many disability activists and groups are opposed to assisted suicide. You can call Second Thoughts at 617-250-8918, visit us on Facebook, or go to the website at to get more information.

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